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    Passed VCP and how about Jobs

    RajuVCP Hot Shot


      Hi Everyone,



                                  I passed VCP with 94 % but i am little worried about the Job Oppurtunities in India and as well in Other Countries like US , UK , Australia ..etc.,. and about the Package(salary) structure,  can anybody tell me about these, i am eagerly waiting for your answer and suggestions



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          Well, if life would be that easy...


          First, my congratulations for passing the test and becoming a VCP.

          The VCP certification is certainly something valuable for your resumee, however that's no guarantee for a job.

          How about your knowledge about everything around VMware? What's about your networking, storage, SAN, different OS's skills?

          First thing is to gain experience, that's what most employers want to see.


          Again, your VCP certification is great, however that's only one small piece of the puzzle.



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            weinstein5 Guru

            Welcome to the Forums - Congratulations on the VCP - I can speak to the US job market - a VCP helps but like anything else in IT experience is what is key - if you have experience in VMware slong with the other technologies like MS, Linux, SAN and Networking all help -





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