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    Training Requirements for VCP

    Chicagojsh001 Novice

      I'm about to license VMWare view premier, and the vendor has offered to provide me with a training class free of charge from this company:




      You'll have to filter it down to just vmware products.  The question is though that thier offer is for VMware VIEW install/configure etc....because thats what I want to buy and use....on arrow's site it says that it's a "certification" course, but on the VMware site it shows that it must be Vsphere....


      So I'm looking for clarification...I'd prefer to take the vmware view course, but if it's not going to let me become certified then I'll see if I can talk them into switching it to vsphere....but I'd rather not do the vsphere course since I'm more intrested in the view products.


      Please advise.