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    Why are the courses required for VCP?

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          The reason for the required training is that we do not want a lot of "paper VCP:s" out there as is the case with some other certifications.

          And yes there are a few hurdles to get over to get it, but it also means that its harder to get and makes it more "valuable" in the market.



          If you do not need the certification and if there is no benefit for you in your current position and you know what you need to get the most of what investments your company made in VMware software then why take the certification?



          You can always just take the test just to prove to yourself that you can do the stuff, but you will not get the certification until you take the traning. 



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            Actually, this question has been asked and answered on the forums, so you can do a search and review the responses at your convenience.  For now, I will answer the question here.


            The primary reason we require a course for the VCP certification is to ensure that any individual that takes becomes a VCP has at least some hands on experience with the product.  So-called paper certifications are common in this industry, with individuals obtaining a certification simply by using a study guide or practice test.  These individuals have no actual experience with the product, and only serve to devalue a certification.  While we can't guarantee that a candidate has the experience a minimally qualified candidate should have, we can ensure that a candidate has some training and exposure to the product. 


            For experienced candidates like yourself, we offer more advanced classes as an alternate to the foundation class, so that you can fulfill the requirement without re-learning material you are already knowledgeable in.  These classes do nothing to prepare for the exam though, so they should only be taken if the foundation level content is something you are thoroughly comfortable with.


            This is why we require a class component, and ultimately the benefit goes to all holders of this certification that know that anyone holding the certification has at least some level of experience with the product in addition to demonstrating mastery of the exam.




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