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    Shutdown a MSA2000 on powerfailure

    turazw4l Lurker





      i am working on the emergency procedures of my company's server room and i am wondering how to proper shutdown the HP MSA2000 which is connected via fiber to our two ESX 4.0 hosts.



      Reguarding the two ESX hosts everything works fine: the UPS' software agents detect the power failure and gracefull shutdown them, but what about the HP MSA2000?



      Googling around didn't help me as weel as the HP's documentation.



      My (not working) solution at the moment is: on the vcenter host  the ups' software agent executes a script that checks if the two ESX host are poweroff and then tries to shutdown the MSA2000 via SSH. The problem is about the MSA2000 that seems to do not accept the "shutdown both" command via SSH (like any other command).



      I am using plink.exe to perform the SSH connection (it works) and execute the command (it doesn't work).



      Any help is appreciated.






      (Sorry for my english)



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          sgonzalez Novice


          Hello turazw4l,



          The url for cli MSA2000:  http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01755995/c01755995.pdf

          See shutdown command at page 181. --> "shutdown both"



          On the other side and I supose you know, remember to power on before the slave msa2000 (if exist), the msa2000fc (where exist the fiber channel controllers), and after few minutes the blades.



          Hope to help you




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            habibalby Expert


            In the GUI web interface of the MSA2000, go to the Manage >> Restart >> over there you will see Shutdown drop down menu.


            Remember, before you shut it down to turn off all the connections that goes to the MSA. And when you start up, start from top to down, i mean from your SAN Switch, SAN controllers then have a coffee break and come back to start host by host based on your Startup / Shutdown priority in your ESX hosts.


            Your VMs will automatically comes up in order



            Best Regards,


            Hussain Al Sayed


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              PipeSmokingMario Novice

              I am having the same problem. In emergency case there is no time for a web interface, there is an automated system which fires up some commands with PLINK or PUTTY. The problem is, that the MSA2000 emulation of SSH doesnt accept commands in this way.


              Is there any option which must be turned on  (within MSA or within PUTTY) to do this work.


              The only alternative could be using AUTOIT.



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                Momo118 Lurker

                Hi turazw4l


                I know this post is old, but I'm having the same problem.

                Any luck on this?


                I'm working with plink too, putty also possible, I don't mind which one.

                I can't get it work that command shutdown sc both is executed via script.


                Would be great to have a solution on this.


                Thanks in advance