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    VMWare Server 2 & Autoconnect USB Printer after reboot

    Vitaladmin Lurker

      We have a Server 2008 64bit host running VMWare Server 2.

      The VM Server is SBS 2008 64bit.

      We have a USB Hard drive hooked up and it is working fine through the VM Server and running it's backups fine and upon a reboot of the VM and Host, it reconnects fine.

      We also have a USB Printer hooked up and it does work, as long as you use the drop down menu from the VM Server console and check the box.  Once the box is checked, it works great up until the VM and Host have to be rebooted. 

      Unfortunately the area that this server is located has back power, and we do have a UPS hooked up to the Host, and configured it all to automatically shutdown the VM's and upon startup the VM's startup as well.  All works great, except this USB printer does not want to reconnect on startup.

      Is there anything someone can think we may be doing wrong or need to configure for this to work? We did nothing fancy for the USB hard drive and it automatically reconnects just fine.


      Thank you,