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    VMware clone - Oracle (parent)

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      Suppose I create a parent VM with Oracle 11g installed in it. Parent OS: Windows 2003, computer-name: A



      Next, I create a clone (one or more) of this parent-VM, and I give this clone computer-name: B.



      On starting this clone-VM, I get an error related to oracle db control starting. This is because the Oracle was installed in parent-VM and uses computer-name: A in different config files.



      My question is: how can I use Oracle in different clones without having to reconfigure Oracle in each clone manually?






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          Install the DB without DB Console (Enterprise Manager), or remove the repository (under sysman schema) using emca. If you're using single instance, only dbconsole has reference to the host.


          Later, after cloning if you want to use dbconsole, you can create again the sysman schema with emca.