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    VMotion needed ... ?

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      I need to know if I really need to buy a license for vmotion or if I can get by without it or if what I want to do is not possible.






      Here's the setup.



      2 esx hosts, each with local data stores.



      I have a custom application that locates templates on esx1, determines memory and CPU usage of both hosts, and sets the relocSpec MOR.



      The logic involved determines best data store location (one with more hdd space), the best resource pool (esx2 or 2, depending on memory and cpu), and host.






      Now, most of the time, as one data store is three times the size of the others, that data store gets picked.  However, the logic might determine another host to deploy the vm to.



      Eg. Datastore:  "ESX2:datastore" Host: "ESX1" with ESX1 resource pool.






      My applications throws a specified parameter is incorrect.  Host.



      I thought this was the case as each host, technically, doesn't know about the other data store from the other host.  I attempted to add each store as a NFS to either host via Virtual Center, but ran into a networking error. I then went to set up the VMkernel, but to use Vmotion, it requires another license.



      Do I need Vmotion to move the vmdk files from one store to another?



      Can I have a VM vmdk files on a network store but use another hosts resources?  I thought this was the case. 



      **I am not the person who set this system up.  I do not have a lot of access though I can get it.  We have only 1 data center with the two hosts in there.



      ***My code works when the data store lives on the same host.



      ****We are doing this because we need to integrate VM Creation in our CRM.






      Thanks so much in advance.  If anything is unclear please let me know.  I am really green and might be using incorrect terminology.