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    P2V'ing your VirtualCenter Server

    derekb13 Novice

      Our VirtualCenter server is sitting on an ancient piece of junk box that needs to be retired. As I started pondering the VI3->vSphere4 upgrade path, I realized that I really wanted to try and end up with my vCenter Server box being in a VM.  I thought I might start that process in motion by P2V'ing my existing VI3 VirtualCenter server over to a VM. I could then snapshot it, and begin the upgrade process (and, if there's any problems, my reversion path becomes simply reverting to the snapshot).


      Has anyone ever done this? From reading the directions it SEEMS like I wouldn't be able to use the cold-clone boot CD, because it wants to talk to VirtualCenter (which, by definition, would be down at that point). But if I've got VirtualCenter up and running using a hot-migration, the databases won't be quiesced and easily migrated, etc., etc.


      Some experiences from people who've either done or tried this before would be really helpful.

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            Are you kidding me? An auto-responder? To a community-forum posting? Blerg.


            Mostly I posted this so I'd have the option to say "No, my question has not been answered yet" rather than have the autoresponder leave it in "might already be answered", because obviously it's not