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    problem copy esx4 .iso media to usb and installing

    jwnchoate Enthusiast

      I have been trying to get my ESX-4.0.0-update01-208167.iso image put on USB to install Full ESX 4.  I used syslinux and copied the media files over.  after renaming isolinux folder to syslinux and copying the isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg I got a successfully booting CD.  It worked fine and booted up and the install started.


      However, when it goes to find the rpm's, it tries to mount the CD to /mnt/source and the install fails.  Anyone every get the install media successfully working from USB media?  I tried askmedia but it just prompts to insert the cd.  Any way to get it to look on the usb for the media?