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    Datastore Provisioned space

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      Is there a way with powershell to grab the provisioned space for a datastore? I would like to have a quick script that lists the datastore capacity, providioned space, and free space.



      I know I can get freespace and capacity (get-datastore <datastore> | select FreeSpaceMB, CapacityMB), but I am not sure about the provisioned space.






      Thanks for any insight.









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          nkange Lurker
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          You can actually do that in a simple way...


          To calculate the provisioned space value that is displayed in the summary for a datastore do this:



          $ds = Get-Datastore | Get-View

          $ds | Select -ExpandProperty Summary | Select Name, Capacity, FreeSpace, @{N="Provisioned"; E={ ($_.Capacity - $_.FreeSpace + $_.Uncommitted) }}


          Make sure that you refresh storage information before doing this, you could trigger that by doing

          $ds | % { $_.RefreshDatastoreStorageInfo() }


          Hope that helps

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            That is pretty handy.. but how do I output the $ds objects to csv?


            I tried adding


            C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI> $ds | select -Expandproperty Summa

            ry | select Name, Capacity, FreeSpace, @{N="Provisioned";E={($_.Capacity - $_.FreeSpace + $_.Uncommited) }} |

            *export-csv "c:\temp\mw-datastore.csv -notypeinformation


            --never mind .. figured it out.


            | export-csv c:\temp\mwdata.csv -notypeinformation


            BUT  I don't think this shows the total amount of space allocated provisioned per vm added together on the datastore.



            What can you use to determine this information





            like this chart:



            or this chart (capacity section of the datastore summary tab that shows total provisioned space — the maximum potential growth of all virtual machines if thin provisioned disks were fully utilized)