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    Initial Server Setup script - Configuring your server for dvSwitches

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      The arrival of vSphere introduced dvSwitches.

      Unfortunately the current PowerCLI build doesn't offer (yet) any dvSwitch related cmdlets.


      While the existing Get-NetworkAdapter and Set-NetworkAdapter cmdlets let you configure the portgroup you NICs should connect to, there is nothing available to connect your NICs to portgroups on dvSwitches.


      With a little help from the SDK it's quite straightforward to write functions that act as the Get-NetworkAdapter and Set-NetworkAdapter cmdlets but that can also handle dvSwitch portgroups.


      See dvSwitch scripting – Part 8 – Get and Set network adapters on how you can get and set your NICs for dvSwitch portgroups.

      And see dvSwitch scripting – Part 6 – Private VLAN and dvSwitch scripting – Part 7 – Find portgroup/Change VLAN Id for working with VLANs and PVLANs on dvSwitch portgroups.


      You can now script the setup of your NICs as a step in your initial server setup.


      For the other dvSwitch functions that are available, have a look at dvSwitch scripting – Function index




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