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    Vcenter 4 in linked mode

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      Dear guys,






      i'm installing the 3rd Vcenter in our environment.

      We have a central and a 2nd Vcenter in linked mode.

      I'm intalling the 3rd Vcenter in linked mode but i got the error :






      Operation "Join instance VMwareVCMSDS" failed: : Action: Join Instance

      Action: Join Instance

      Action: Create replica instance

      Action: Create Instance

      Problem: Creation of instance VMwareVCMSDS failed: Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services could not replicate the directory partition CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,CN={C8268EB8-701A-4D44-BAD9-9C5634DAD8FD} from the remote Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services instance wdeluh2678362.rz-c007-j650.basf-ag.de:389.

      Error code: 0x80072108

      The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.


      And i have no way out.

      Same DNS same AD domain for all servers...


      How can i set to Linked mode the 3rd Vcenter ?






      many thx in advance