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    Deploying from template doesn't seem to complete customization

    khughes Virtuoso

      I'm trying to deploy from a template using the customization wizard.  The deploy part works fine and in events it says it has started the customization process but doesn't seem to reboot, just sits there.  I try logging into the VM and it accepts my login, but then just kicks me out instantly.  In VC2.5 the process only took about a minute or two and this has been going on for 5+ min.  I have redone the sysprep files in the directory, tried it a couple times thinking maybe the domain join was holding it up but workgroup has produced the same thing.


      Any thoughts on how I can get the customization up and running, I'm tempted to just clone the template and run sysprep myself at this point, but would like to have this up and running correctly when I do need to use it.


      • Kyle