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    unresponsive/ slow VM over RDP

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      Our development ESX cluster has 3 Dell 2950s, each with 32 GB memory

      and 8 cores for a total of 96GB memory and 73GHz cpu power. This

      cluster is hosting about 75 powered on VMs also on local disk (25

      Linux, 50 Windows 2003 x32 and x64).



      The Windows VMs in the dev environment are performing

      extremely poorly (the Linux are still ok). They are especially unresponsive over RDP. VMware

      tools are all up to date, we have minimized our snapshot usage (zero

      mostly) and we're not hitting the limit for memory usage on any ESX




      Can you see what is the causing problem here? Is there anything that I can tune up on the host or on the VM to solve this? Is there a threshold for the limited number of VM in this case?