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    VM's can't ping while on Distributed Virtual Switches Vlans

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      We are currently experiencing a very strange problem with our Virttual machines on our distributed virtual switches. The problem is when we create new machines from our personal templates and add them to their own project specific vlan on our distributed switched the machines can ping each other but can't ping out. The only way we have found to get to get them on is we have to change the vlan assigned to the vm, apply the changes,ping something via the vm,switch off the vm's network card,apply the changes ,ping again/carry on pinging ,reconnect the vm's network card, apply the changes ,change back to original vlan, apply changes to the vm, after all this the pings now start working and the vm can now connect to the internet etc. This happens for VLANs that have dhcp assigned and VLAN's where we assign static machines on windows 2003 se and ee windows 2008 EE R2 x64 and Windows 2008 EE x64. I have checked the ports connectivity via the ports tab on the port group for the vlan on the distributed vSwitch and it says link up.This happens on all our esx servers so it isn't specific to an esx host either.


      Anyone experienced this before/have any ideas?



      Gregg Robertson, VCP3,4 , MCSE, MCSA, MCTS, MCITP