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    Is this legal and practical? - Distrubuting XP .vmc

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      Microsoft has some useful prebuilt VHD's for various testing scenarios, however I prefer to use VMWare Workstation for testing.



      The problem is Microsoft only provides .VHD files which cannot be opened with VMWare without using Virtual PC and completing these 99 steps:  http://www.straylightrun.net/2009/05/13/running-ie6-virtual-pc-image-in-vmware/



      So question is would there be anything wrong with creating the .vmc file once and allowing the world to download it so they don't have to install VirtualPC and redo these steps?



      This would mean 1 download from Microsoft, 1 download from somewhere else, and no reinventing the wheel everytime or installing VPC!



      If I'm missing something obvious then sorry, but just trying to look for faster ways of doing things.



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