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    VM Won't Boot After Migration to ESXi v4

    FACWare Novice

      I recently migrated all my VMs from Hyper-V to a new ESXi v4 Server using Converter. Out of the 8 VMs I converted, 2 of them won't boot and are experiencing the same issue. When they power up, they show the VMWare POST screen and then sit at a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Has anyone seen this before?


      Some additional facts:

      - The 2 that are not booting are both of the Windows Server 2003 R2 VMs. All the other servers that worked were Windows Server 2008.

      - Doing a repair with FIXMBR and FIXBOOT did not work while I verified that all data is available from within the Recovery Console booting off the DVD.

      - Going through all the steps in KB1006296 did not work.

      - Removing and adding back the virtual disks did not help.

      - I've search many threads where many people are seeing issues like this but none with any help.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.