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    ESX 2.5.4 host w/ attached library connected to SCSI port on a vm...

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      I have an HP Proliant DL380 G3 ESX 2.5.4 host at a remote office.  There's only 1 vm left running on it and it serves as a file server and backup server.  We had a old library attached to the host and to the vm.  We just swapped out with a newer library.  However, the vm is now unable to see the new library arm and drive properly.  The vm server can only see the drive, NOT the arm in the library.






      What is the old esx command to rescan SCSI ports for changes?  Has anyone else attached a physical device to the host and successfully got it connected to a vm with ESX 2.5.4? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.