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    ESXi install on Dell iDRAC6 vFlash Media

    smyth Novice

      I am looking at purchasing a Dell R210 with the optional iDRAC6 Enterprise card with vFlash media for ESXi. I know that the server is on the HCL list but does anybody know if I can install it to the vFlash media card or do I have to use the internal USB and flash drive?


      Does anyone know how good the Intel i3 530 Clarkdale CPU would be for running ESXi and a few VM's, again they have just been added to the HCL.


      Also as a side question (As no real answer from Dell) does anyone know if you buy the iDRAC Enterprise card without the vFlash media option does it still have the slot so I can put in my own SD card?


      Greatful for any help anyone can provide.