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    New Submission: P2V Scripts - Post-Configuration Scripts

    Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

      Hi there


      I've collated and created some P2V scripts that handle the "clean up process" for a recently P2V'ed virtual machine.


      Most of these I have "poached and modified " from various websites (all in the public arena) such MS "Scripting Center". Most of the scripts run with little user interaction and contain some rudimentary syntax checks.


      The main "innovation" is using Microsoft DevCon utility (a command-line version of Device Manager) to create a report of all the hardware on the physical machine and all the hardware on the virtual machine - then I work out all the "phantom hardware" that needs to be removed - and devcon does the rest.


      The helper is set up with 2 NICs and as NAT - to allow communication between the VM and PM to stop any IP/NetBIOS conflicts.


      The clever part of the scripts were worked on in conjunction with Rob van der Woude of:




      The scripts are held on an ISO file which you attach to the P2V Virtual Machine. The ISO file can be downloaded here:





      I also have created a PDF file which explains each of the scripts and what they were meant to do:





      Mike Laverick

      url=http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/vmwareRTFM Education - VMware[/url]


      ps I should add that I've never been able to get the devcon side of my scripts working on winxp. I think this service pack2/security issue. DevCon will run locally on WinXP.


      ps thanks ken!


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