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    ESXi 4 + Win2008 R2 + shared folder on disk D = access denied

    klima Novice


      I have a problem.



      Then i install windows server 2008 r2 as guest OS on VMWare ESXi4, add new hard drive (virtual disk or RAW) to guest system and shared folder on disk (or any other no-system disk) - i can't get access to this share from network.



      On system disk  C, all worksfine!



      On windows server 2003 r2 system all works fine too.



      I have 4 virtual machine, where i use data disk (D,E,F and other) - all of them have same problem.

      My virual machines are located on 2 ESXi servers.



      Windows firewall is desable!



      All ntfs and share's permission set property!