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    passed VCP4

    bobert Novice

      woohooo! passed my VCP today.


      I think the exam was fair, but could have been longer. I dont think 85 questions fully tested my knowledge that I have accumulated throughout learning the blueprint.


      I really like that there is an exam blueprint document. Knowing exactly what is needed to study is a great idea. I hope microsoft & others take note.

      (having said that there was 1 question on a topic that is not mentioned on the blueprint directly, luckily I knew it anyway)


      I also really like that you have to do the classroom trainging to be eligable for an exam. Cutting down on paper certifications is great for everyone. If you cant get your employer to coff-up or you can't afford it yourself then your unlikely to be the type of IT person who is a real canidate for a VCP anyway.


      After the classroom course I took 6 weeks going through the blueprint topics in detail in a lab and reading vmware documentation. Then took 2 weeks revising everything from my notes 3 times, plus did the simon long & vmware practice exams. So took about 8 weeks in total.

      I memorised the entire vmware config maxims, I wonder how long I will remember them for now heheh.