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    Rebooting Virtual Servers Windows 2003 from Remote Desktop Connection

    ericborre Lurker

      Hi Everybody:


      I am Network Administrator with few experience on VMware. Since I have been working with ESX 2.5, I realized about a detail when I reboot Servers from my computer using Remote Desktop Connection. All the serves in 95% of the times hung up in the process of rebooting. What I need to do is open a console directly in the Vmware Client Console and Reboot it. When I reboot servers using the Vwmware console,  I do not have any problems. It only occurs using Remote Desktop Connection (My PC is Windows XP Professional). Once you have rebooted using Remote Desktop Connection is impossible to connect again. You need to do it directly from ESX Console.


      The problem is with my application owners, they only use Remote Desktop, due to they not have access to the console for Security.


      Have you have experienced something similar and could you advice me, please?


      I will appreciate your help.