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    VIOPS Capacity Management Webinar with Metron

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      Thank you for your interest in the VIOPS Capacity Management Webinar with Metron.  This event has now been scheduled.


      Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:00 am PDT / 3:00pm GMT


      (Pacific Daylight Time is GMT -07:00, San Francisco)


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      About the Webinar

      The target audience is intermediate experience/skill for VI, and we will cover the following topics:


      • Key Metrics for VI3

      • Increasing Efficiency

      • Intelligent Reporting

      • Intelligent Trending / Forecasting

      • Intelligent Modelling

      • Your 7-step Capacity Management Plan

      VIOPS Documents by Metron


      About Metron 

      Metron is a privately owned limited company which was founded in 1986. Metron-Athene Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metron technology Ltd. The company is Europe's foremost Capacity Planning and Systems Performance Management specialist. Metron's flagship product, Athene, provides fully integrated ITIL-compliant capacity management, automatic performance analysis and reporting for UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mainframe Servers .


      Find out more about Metron


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