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    The VDI armageddon (or: the impact of VDI on Storage!)

    brugh2 Enthusiast

      We implemented several VDI sites. As it turns out, the impact of VDI on the central storage is much bigger than most whitepapers say!


      I wrote a whitepaper to summarize our findings so far. I think it's a must-read for anybody who wants to design a VDI infrastructure. check it out on http://virtuall.eu/download-document/vdi-storage-deep-impact. if you have any comments or other additions, let us know!

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          fletch00 Hot Shot


          Thanks for writing this



          We are launching a 30-60 desktop View 4 pilot on Netapp NFS storage



          And I will be closely monitoring the IOPs via vscsistats






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            dturner71 Enthusiast

            Well the subject of this post certainly go my attention.  This is a definite concern of mine.  What I've found in my research on this is that we should expect somewhere between 5 - 8 IOPS per View user.  We run an EqualLogic iSCSI SAN and have the headroom there for our project provided those IOPS estimates are correct.


            I'm wondering if there is a tool available to simulate the VDI load on a SAN?

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              brugh2 Enthusiast

              actually, that's exactly what's going wrong. using tools to simulate load (read: lab environment) is what's skewing the numbers. the only way to be sure is to run a pilot. but because that is usually not a real option, go by other people's experience. i wrote a small tool to give you a general idea what the impact of the numbers from the whitepaper is. check out the VDI sizing tool on http://virtuall.eu/whitepapers/solutions.