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    vmware-umds export question

    Kirizan Enthusiast


      Hey all, go another umds question.



      I am trying to export the updates from the beginning of the year to current, so I'm using the following command






      vmware-umds --export --dest "c:\exports" --start-time 2009-01-01T00:00:00 --end-time 2009-11-19T00:00:00



      But it starts exporting updates from 2008.  Is there an error somewhere in my command causing it, because I typed it exactly like it is listed in the admin guide here: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_vum_10u2_admin_guide.pdf  on page 25. 



      Anyone have any suggestions, as I would rather not have to ship 8.8 gbs of patches to our isolated sites so they can use about 800mbs of them to get update 4 installed.






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          Kirizan Enthusiast


          I was able to figure this out.  the vmware-umds command uses the timestamps on the files to export, not the date of the patch itself.  That's why it's exporting patches from 2008, because I downloaded them all a few weeks ago, all in 2009. 






          Anyone happen to know if VMware will be fixing Update Manager and UMDS so we can pick from the patches, or at least pick the verson of the software we want to download/export?



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            nanair01 Hot Shot

            Alright, I am unsure about the answer for your question!!!!


            But I have a work around with me. Why dont you use a "fixed baseline" in update manager and use that baseline to scan and instal those updates.


            NB :  I hope you are using VC Server to access all the ESX Servers.

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