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    splwow64.exe consumes memory

    blackpuma Hot Shot


      I assume that this is something not under Workstation's control, but when I run Workstationon Vista, the process splwow64.exe keeps consuming more and more memory, along with 22-25% of CPU time, eventually to the tune of gigabytes of RAM when it starts to interfere with the host machine's performance. Thus I kill the processat least once a day, where it reappears and starts consuming memory again.  



      Any ideas on how to slap either Workstation or splwow64 so the memory consumption will stop? 






      I run multiple XP and CentOS as guest OSes most of the day. 






      VMware Workstation 7.0.0 build-203739 



      Host: Vista Home Premium(64-bit)



      CPU: Quad-core AMD Phenom 9759



      8GB RAM