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    Removing a VM did not reclaim the disk space

    griff6 Novice





      I'm running ESXi 4 on a single server and I'd recently set up a small 4GB VM for testing.



      I've now finished with it and in the VSphere client,  chose the 'delete from disk' option. The VM disappeared from the VSphere client as expected, but the disk space was not recovered (there's about 4GB missing - the same size as the VM I removed).



      I have one 'live' VM and could do with the space back, so I shut down the 'live' VM, and restarted the VM host too, but the space has not been recovered. Space usage is gradually creeping up (logs I suppose), so this will become more pressing...at some point.



      I have SSH access to the host and I can see that the directory which previously contained the VM has gone.



      How can I identify the files which the old VM was using?