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    Preferred virtualization engine preference

    Technogeezer Expert

      I'm a bit curious about the new advanced preference in Fusion 3.0 to select the preferred virtualization engine. How does Fusion make the determination of the engine to use if the setting is kept to its default of "Automatic"?


      I've also found some interesting behavior - I have a 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo iMac (iMac 5.1). If I leave the virtualization engine as "Automatic" on my 32-bit XP VM things work fine. If I change it to Intel VT-X, the VM constantly consumes nearly 100% CPU (as noted by both the vmware-vmx process on the Mac side and Task Manager inside the VM). If set to "Binary Translation", I get a warning message about long mode support, and the VM consumes more reasonable CPU (it actually goes to near 0% when XP is idle). This CPU behavior is exactly like "Automatic", so I assume that Binary Translation is being automatically selected for Automatic in this case.