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    please provide vmware-tools iso-files as direct downloads

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      please provide vmware-tools iso-files as direct public downloads



      This has always been a problem in the past - users had to download other products where the iso-files were included or used obscure torrent-files ....

      Now with the new Workstation it is even worse - the automatical download of the tools isos simply does not work as promised.

      The buildin feature to detect updated isos does not even detect when the last download failed and so they often state that everything is uptodate even when some of the isos are missing.

      To test this - delete one of the iso-files and then click update.


      So why is it a problem to make the iso-files available as public downloads - hopefully unobscured - meaning not wrapped in msi-files or tarballs



      Nobody can want that the users again start to download this iso-files from the torrent-network ...







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          Looks like VMplayer 3 still has not fixed the bugs that prevent a download of the tools so please  provide the latest vmware-tools as unobscured public downloads.


          Nowadays the tools are wrapped in msi-packages which are again wrapped in exe-files. This is simply anoying



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            RParker Guru


            > This is simply anoying



            Well it's only a problem FOR YOU.  Been doing this for 3 years, not a problem.  So you have to ask yourself, why do you have this problem, and you are are in the minority, hmmm?






            Maybe it is a bug, but that's simple a need to fix the process, but NOT providing direct accessible ISO (which is an administrative nightmare) isn't a solution either, because keeping up with these versions would be more work.  VM Ware needs to fix the issue, but ISO files publically available isn't a good solution, we have enough people confused about patching as it is.



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              FYI - I do not use vmplayer myself - I ask this because a lot of folks have problems with this.


              Why do you answer to a post when you have nothing to say ???



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                bartman2589 Novice

                It would be very simple for them to package the individual iso's in an installer (or even to package all of them together in an installer) that would automatically detect which VMware product you have installed on your host, and then install the iso's to the correct folder and modify whatever setting needs to be modified for each of the various VMware products to tell them that you have already 'downloaded' the iso's.  I see no reason why they couldn't automate the process on their end so that as each new and revised iso is released a new installer package is created automatically (installers like NSIS support some incredible scripting features), I mean they're capable of creating software to allow you to run various operating systems in a virtual environment so compared to that making individual installers for the iso's (to install the iso's on the host OS so that the virtualization product being used sees them as being present)  should be a walk in the park.


                As for providing the ability to download the iso-files directly it shouldn't be any kind of 'administrative nightmare' since the files are already being hosted on a secure server, you only need to mirror it to an unsecure server (or provide access to the files via secure login maybe) and provide download links on the VMware main site!


                I will agree that the downloads should only be made available to those individuals who actually create the virtual machines (not the end users if different from the creator), so as to help prevent corrupting premade virtual machines by users that don't know what they are doing, however even IT professionals would likely find it handy to be able to download the ISO's as installer packages or simply as standard ISO images even, making it easy to update the various already downloaded ISO images used in their (and other) departments.  Let's say for instance that a company uses several installations of a virtualization product to create various virtual machines for use in their operation, this being the case then each computer that is being used to develop each of the various virtual machines would have to download it's own copies of the vmware-tools thus increasing the bandwidth used by the company, if the downloads were available individually using normal direct download links then the company could automate the process on their end (and thereby help lower the bandwidth usage) by downloading the ISO's periodically to a central location on their network and then distributing them within their own intranet WITHOUT using anymore download bandwidth from the VMware servers than what it would normally take to download the ISO's one time each (as opposed to several times each, once for each and every virtualization product the company uses).


                Making the ISO's available for direct download serves not only to help VMware save on bandwidth usage but also stands to possibly help their customers save money on bandwidth usage as well.

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                  Months later - the problem still exists.


                  VMplayer users can not install tools because the automatic download feature is buggy as hell.


                  I started to recommend to those users to install the full Workstation instead , which - used without license - is the only way to install a full functional VMplayer without pain.


                  I wonder if this was wanted by the product managers ...




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                        JohnPeterson Novice

                        The tools are avaliable in the installer that is offered at http://www.vmware.com/downloads/.


                        The tools iso files are extracted with for example

                        VMware-workstation-full-8.0.0-471780.exe /e tmp
                        tools-windows-8.8.0.exe /e tmp
                        msiexec /a tools-windows.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\...\tmp


                        7-Zip can extract the msi file too (but not the custom installer).

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                          vmwaresuresh Novice

                          Hi John,


                          On the below link, which one i need to click to get VMware tools for windows.





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                            wila Guru
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                            Hello Sureshkumar,


                            John is talking about extracting the vmware-tools from the workstation version that is released around the same time as the VMware Player that you are using.

                            So for following his tip, you would download VMware Workstation.


                            But did you try to get vmware tools in the normal way? http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1035392




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