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    Omitting VM's associated with DRS Rules

    Zsoldier Expert


      I'm so freakin' close, I can smell it, but don't think my desk can handle anymore head banging.



      $Cluster = Get-Cluster ClusterName



      $DRS = $Cluster | get-drsrule | % {$_.VMIds}



      $VMS = $Cluster | Get-VM | where {$_.Id -notmatch $DRS}



      I've tried -notcontains, -inotcontains,  inotmatch, etc. to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated.  Can't figure out how to get powershell to handle the array.



      P.S. - "$VMS = $Cluster | Get-VM | where {$_.Id -notmatch $DRS[0]}" does work.



      K. Chris Nakagaki (Zsoldier)