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    Pre-allocated VM disk size growing

    stevelittler Lurker

      I have VMWare Fusion 2 on Mac OSX 10.5.6 and I have a 120 GB

      preallocated Vitual Machine for Win XP Pro that grew to 188GB. I had two Snapshots

      that I didn't need so I deleted them but I didn't recover any space. So

      then I deleted the following files:


      Windows XP Professional - 000001.vmdk and




      Windows XP Professional - 000002.vmdk and recovered about 98 GB space.




      But now when I restart VMWare Fusion 2, it gives me a message that it

      can't find Windows XP Professional - 000001.vmdk and asks me to

      navigate to it but of course I can't find it because I deleted it.




      What can I do now to get the Virtual Machine running again?




      Many thanks!



      Steve Littler in Gainesville, FL