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    Configuring a virtual machine to run a VMware ESX guest operating system

    JackTinWNY Novice


      I'm running a Windows XP virtual machine on ESX Server 4.0.0 Releasebuild-171294. In this virtual machine I'm running VMwarePlayer and trying to launch another virtual machine. VMware Player installed and launches correctly, but when I try to run a virtual machine, I get this error:



      Running VMware Player in a virtual machine requies the outer virtual machine to be configured for running a VMware ESX guest operating system. You may not power on a virtual machine until the outer virtual machine is reconfigured.



      I wasn't sure it would work, and it doesn't say that it won't work. The message would seem to indicate that this would actually work. My question is: How do I configure the outer virtual machine to run VMware ESX guest operating system? I've been through the settings and permissions, and I don't see anythin like this. Is it a manual update to the configuration?



      Configuration info (as requested):



      • What exact version of VMware Player: 3.0.0 build-203739

      • What is your host OS and include if it is 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Windows XP 32-bit with latest patches

      • What is the guest OS and include if it is 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Not applicable

      • Are VMware Tools installed in the guest OS: No (not applicable)

      • Are VMware Tools installed in the outer virtual machine: Yes

      • How often you see the problem (e.g. all the time, sometimes, rarely, etc.), and if it had previously worked in the same setup (e.g. same virtual machine, same computer): All the time - it has never worked

      • What seems to trigger the problematic behavior: Starting a virtual machine in VMware Player

      • If there are any conditions where it does work: It never works



      In case you are wondering why I would want to run one virtual machine inside another, I am running an application on Linux that I want to virtualize and make available through RDP. Once this application is running, I could telnet to it, but it would be nice to be able to see the machine boot, rahter than just pinging it until it comes up.