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    New forum needed?

    dp_fusion Hot Shot

      What are the chances of getting a non-Windows centric Fusion forum set up here? Not all of us are interested in Aero and how well the latest Windows games work. Or anything else to do with Windows, for that matter.

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          Gerrit.Lehr Master

          Well, I don't see why this would be necessary and Windows related subjects can't be mixed with non-Windows related subject as long as they involve VMware Fusion?


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            rcardona2k Champion

            interesting idea, you could also add this forum's RSS feed to an intelligent reader that filters out noise with your choice of keywords like "bsd", "linux", "solaris", etc.

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              dp_fusion Hot Shot


              The point isn't to talk about another OS - Fusion is hardware virtualization software and the bulk of posts concerns a particular (and particularly boring) OS that runs on the virtual hardware. In a huge number of cases the problems would exist on real hardware. It would be nice to discuss the Fusion product and what it does without the forum being dominated by a lot of Windows/Linux/whatever game station stuff that people are running. Such a forum would actually be slow paced compared to this one because the great majority of people are hear to fix Windows problems, not learn and exploit virtual machine technology.



              If nothing else it might mean wading through less of Woody's caustic posts to people who can't spell VMWare (sic) right or RTFM to his satisfaction. 



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                rcardona2k Champion

                Ah, point taken.  Now you're reminding me of the early days of the forum during 1.x.  Like how do I access the host's serial ports or using undocumented features in the .vmx files from ESX or Workstation, i mean before they were FAQed or documented in the Power User's guide like is there vmci support, sharing machines between user, or enabling the VNC mode for the console or enabling multi-level snapshots.

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                  dp_fusion Hot Shot

                  Yes - I'm curious about how many of the features that are in ESX are also buried in Fusion. The Fusion VM's are interchangeable to a surprising degree with other VMware products.