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    Horinzontal scrolling?

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      If I'm not mistaken, the mouse VMware Fusion "sees" is not really the physical mouse the user has, but a "VMware mouse" with basic capabilities. How feasible would it be for the VMware mouse to emulate some of the advanced functions of a user's physical mouse? For instance, I have a brand-new Logitech Performance MX mouse that, among other things, has horizontal scrolling capabilities, forward/backward browsing buttons and an application switching button (sort of Exposé in Windows, or Document Flip) and a zoom button. Now these work wonderfully on both Mac OS X and a Windows 7 Boot Camp, but not on a Windows 7 VM. Oddly enough, the zoom button works on a Windows VM, but horizontal scroll is simply not there, and the forward/backward browsing buttons just oddly resize VM windows; the Application Switcher button is simply sent to OS X, and Exposé is invoked. Ideally, the VMware mouse controller should detect all these button actions (if Fusion is the active application) and act accordingly, emulating what a physical Windows installation would do. Is this feasible?

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          Yes that would be wonderful. This request has been brought up before. Unfortunately that is currently the price of virtualisation. The current virtual mouse driver doesn't have this feature in it.


          Since you are talking about an external mouse, you could still connect your mouse directly to the USB port on the guest.

          In that case you should be able to use this feature in your guest.




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            I can't see how to connect my physical mouse to the VM. Fusion doesn't seem to provide that option, and even if it did, returning the mouse to the host would be cumbersome.


            In any case, let's hope the VMware developers manage to emulate advanced mice (such as the Logitech Performance Mouse MX) with their VMware Mouse driver.

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              I can't see how to connect my physical mouse to the VM. Fusion doesn't seem to provide that option,


              Take a look at A Power User's Guide to VMware Fusion, about half way down the section on USB HID.


              ...and even if it did, returning the mouse to the host would be cumbersome.


              Yes, it could be.  You'd likely need two mice since once the VM has control of the mouse, you probably wouldn't be able to get to any Fusion menus to deselect the mouse.  Me personally, while I don't use a dedicated mouse in the VM, I do have multiple KB & mice attached.  Trackball & wired keyboard for normal work, gaming mouse and wireless kb & mouse for sitting on the couch watching movies.

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                Agreed, it would be nice to have emulation of the advanced mouse you have or at least be able to configure mouse actions.


                Holding down the SHIFT key whilst scrolling vertically, gives you horizontal scroll in Google Chrome or Safari running in Windows guest VM.


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