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    nellore Lurker



      I installed ESX3.5i and created 2VM's , booting of the VM's are very slow


      1. HP blade 8.GBRam, 2.6CPU assigned 3.5GB for VM still it is taking 16min's to boot to window's

      configured with windows2003 with SP2,Etrust antivirus,with updates and windows latest Update


      2. When ever we take base Server Restart NTP service is getting Down.


      3. I am facing in VM's Network problem using Netbios copy it is taking around 14mins has taken 64mb file


      Kindly let me know Anyone has faced this issue.

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          msatya Hot Shot

          please assign atleast 5 gb RAM to VM

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            rickardnobel Virtuoso

            msatya wrote:


            please assign atleast 5 gb RAM to VM



            Why are you replying to two years old questions?


            And what kind of advice is to give two Windows 2003 "at least 5 GB ram"? They are most probably 32 bits VM and have no use for 5 GB, and the whole ESX 3.5 host has only 8 GB of physical RAM. Do you think overcommiting RAM would solve a performance problem?