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    P2V with Linux

    nobicom Lurker



      i want to move a Linux Server to a VM on GSX-Server.


      I've try to move it with the following Steps:


      1) Boot Linux Server with the P2V Remote Boot CD

      2) Set TCP/IP Settings on Linux Server

      3) Start P2V Assistant 2.0.3 on the GSX Server

      4) Start Wizard, connect to Remote-Server (Linux-Server),...

      5) P2V Assistant can't analysing the OS and Partitionfilesystems from

      the Linux Server

      5) Nevertheless create Image file

      6) Import the Image at a new VM in GSX COnsole

      -> don't boot, no os installed


      How can i do it better ?

      Maybe with Tools, i.e. Acronis Image ???


      Please help anyone. thanks!