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    Workstation 6.5.3 on Fedora 11

    fcait Lurker

      I am trying to install Workstation 6.5.3 on Fedora 11.  It acts like it starts to install then hangs when doing the configuration for VMware Player 2.5.3 I have tried the rpm and the bundle version.  There are no errors or problems it simply just stops.  If canceled  by command line it uninstalls just fine if using the bundle and press cancel nothing happens. 






      Kinda of stuck on where to go to get this fixed.

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          uy Enthusiast


          I encountered the same. Searching this forum gave me some work-around and I had got it installed finally.



          Installation hangs at about 62% that is when you had to move away the file /etc/vmware/database to /etc/vmware/database.bak & also delete /etc/vmware/database.lck then the slow painful process of installation will continue. Then after it is done you need to move back /etc/vmware/database.bak to /etc/vmware/database



          basically that will do, but accordinng to what I searched here, I also run an install-all script, however I think that step will be automatically done when you run workstation.