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    Managing Groups of VMs using VC?

    DougBaer Master
    VMware Employees

      One thing that drives management nuts here is the fact that VMs can move between physical machines. They like to know EXACTLY where VM X lives all the time. While I realize that documentation can go a long way, I rarely move all VMs back to the same ESX host following hardware maintenance.


      It might be nice to be able to create groups of VMs that you could manage as a group. For example, if I had to move all of the VMs off of esx02 in order to do a hardware upgrade, I generally spread the VMs among the other servers in the farm while I upgrade the host. When it's time to bring esx02 back online, It would be nice to grab a group and toss it back onto esx02 to put everything back the way it was -- kind of like a bunch of VMotions in serial or something.


      Thanks for listening