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    Hosts disconnecting frequently, VMWAREL running high cpu, "Upgrade Vcenter Agent", Other issues

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      This is a toughie for me, especially since I don't really deal with virtual center very often.






      I've got a v4 virtual center that is giving me no shortage of issues.



      1.Hosts in clusters that are all 4.0 just disappear for a few seconds, they almost always come back after just a few seconds, but it's disconcerting to say the least. The 3.5 clusters fare better....




      2. At least once a week, we end up rebooting the server, because the license service is eating the cpu's, restart it and everything is back to normal



      3. Every host shows up with and it does "Upgrade Vcenter agent" updates about 3 times per week. This causes resources to get nailed, so another 3 times a week, the server is unavailable for the better part of half an hour. I'm thinking it's trying to remediate....Dunno.



      Things checked...Network, DNS, etc.



      I called support, but to say the guy was clueless, is giving him credit...Anyway, question is worth points, and I'll also do the two helpfuls.









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