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    Network Configuration w/ Load Balancing

    khughes Virtuoso

      While playing around in my R/D lab, I was noticing the network usage and how most of the traffic between a teamed set of 2 nics were only using 1 to push all the traffic through while the other remained idle.  I decided to take a look at my production network which has a much larger teaming (4 gig nics) and the same was happening where 99% of all traffic was going out 1 nic and maybe a packet or two was going out the second one.


      Is there a breaking point where load balancing kicks in? Is teaming the nics together really load balancing? We haven't seen any major network lags so I'm assuming we're just not pushing enough traffic to warrant ESX to load balance the lines.  I took some screen shots of the performance and the vswitch config regarding the teaming. 


      Thanks for any input on the configuration, or explaination




      • Kyle