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    migration of ESX servers from old vcenter to a new clean database vcenter

    jrr001 Hot Shot


      I built a fresh install of vCenter 2.5 update 4 using all the best new practices. I want to migrate my workloads from an older prod vCenter 2.5 update 3. I do not want to use the database info...I'm starting fresh.



      I setup all the cluseters and permissions in the new vCenter update 4. What is the best way to move the workloads is the question.



      can I just remove the ESX server from 2.5 up 3 cluster and add to new 2.5 update 4?






      would I have to ESX server in maintenance mode on 2.5 update 3 vcenter, remove from cluseter, manually vmotion some of workload back to it, then remove from old vcenter and add into new vcenter?



      Any ideas or suggestions appreciated and ponts will be awarded!