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    Windows Server 20008 Ent Edt guest ethernet drivers

    Nikhil Patwa Expert





      I have a VMWare player environment with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition SP1 Version 6, converted this environment to VMWare ESXi 4.0. Upon powering on I got a prompt to install the Ethernet Drivers because the network drivers did not get installed on its own as its supposed to be. Deleted all hidden devices from device manager, reboot the env multiple times but everytime there comes a prompt to install Ethernet drivers. The network adapter type is VMXNet3



      If I change the network adapter type to be E1000 then the guest network works. Why is it that VMXNet3 doesnt work but E1000 works. I havent tried using the other adapters - Flexible and VMXNet2. I want to use VMXNet3 adapter as all my other environments use this adapter.