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    VMFS volumes during 3.0.2 to 3.5u4 upgrade

    taylorb Expert

      Well I was waiting to upgrade my 3.0.2 until ESX4 came out, but of course it does not support my still excellent HP ML570 G4 servers. So I am updating to 3.5u4 until I can get new hardware approved . My plan was to migrate all my VMs off of one 3.0.2 server at a time, upgrade it to 3.5u4, vmotion the machines back and be happy. I will upgrade VMtools at the next maintenance window. But, I am a little nervous about attaching the 3.5 host back in with all my VMFS volumes still running 3.0.2 hosts and VMs. Does this pose any risk at all? the documentation seems to state that both use VMFS3 so there should be no issue, but I wanted to hear if anyone can confirm this upgrade plan works OK.