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    How to choose virtual disk for a VM, iSCSI initiator in ESX, iSCSI initiator in OS or RDM

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      We're planning our first VMware environment, using Dell Equallogic PS4000 setup. With Win2k8 VM's.



      What I can't seem to find info on is what is the best practise, pros/cons, in presenting virtual disk to a VM.



      We will be migrating about 2TB worth of data from old file servers to the VMware environment. How should I be presenting this data to the VM. Should the virtual disk be:



      1. Present via iSCSI initiator in ESX to the VM. Should this be on a VMFS or RDM (NTFS formatted) volume on the EQLogic array



      2. Present via iSCSI initiator in the OS of the VM. In this case it wouldn't be VMFS but NTFS volume off the EQLogic array.



      Is one better than the other, do you loose any advanced features like VM snapshots, vmotion, storage vmotion or EQlogic array snaphots feature etc.



      Really appreciate any advice and info you have a similar setup.



      Thanks in advance.