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    Problems on converting a physical computer into a virtual machine

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      hi guys,



      I have installed vmware Workstation 6.5.3 on my vista 64 Bit home premium pc. I tried to convert my physical computer into a virtual machine useing the Import Wizard in Workstation ("File", "Import or Export..."). In the Wizard I selected "physical Computer" as sourcetype. On the next step I selected the option "this local machine". After clicking "next", workstation tells me, that it can not continue the process, because my systemaccount has no Administration previligies ("You do not have enough rights to perform this operation. Administrative rights are required."). But this is not correct! I logged on the pc with an administrator login. With the same login i had install the vmware workstation tool! Does everybody know what i have to do??



      I have an intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 Processor with 3,16GHz. (4GB Ram).



      Please help me! Thank you!






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          I find a bit strange that noone allready had the same problem as i had..... However, I have a solution know: The Problem was that vmware workstation asked for the administrator account whitch is not available on vista. Even if you have only one user who is in the administrator group, the account is not accepted by workstation as an administrator account. So you have to activate the administrator account. On vista home premium you have to go to c:\Windows\system32. in this folder you have to look for the file "cmd.exe". Do a right click on this file and choose "execute as administrator" from the context menu. CMD opens. Now you have to enter the following: "

          net user Administrator /active:yes". Now you log off your computer and reboot. Now you have to choose this activated administrator account. Only with this account you are now able to convert the computer in a virtual machine....