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    Same CustomizationSpecification will join new server to domain on a 32bit 2008 server, but 64bit 2008 server will not get joined to the domain.

    jwnchoate Enthusiast

      I have a CustomizationSpecification that I use when deploying a new vm. Its the same one I use for both 32 and 64bit 2008 Servers. When I run it against my 32bit 2008 server template, the new vm will get joined to the domian and all is fine. When I run it for a 64bit 2008 template, the new vm does not get joined to the domain. We're vi3 up to date within the last 30 days. I seem to recall it working before I ran updates on my stock vm that I create templates from, but maybe it never worked and I forgot. I checked the logs after install and it said the deploy was successful. I double checked all the passwords in the spec and on the guest template many times and retried several times as well.