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    vCloud API and VI SDK

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      Hi All,



      In one of the presentations at VMworld Steve Herrod was showing a vCenter plug-in for managing resources in the cloud.  That raised a couple questions about the vCloud API I had (and I'll caveot this question with the fact I haven't reviewed the API yet). 



      1. Was that plug-in using the current beta API?  



      2. If so, can I do the same thing now if I want to move some internal resources to folks like terremark or Savvis today (i.e. view those cloud resources in vCenter)?



      3. Assuming the demo had some form of performance or service data in it, is the performance data different (now that i really can't see my hosts and clusters as they are abstracted).  Is performance data (CPU, DISK, Memory, etc) represented differently (maybe vApp or for each Virtual Data Center)?



      The reason I'm asking is I'm trying to figure out how I'm eventually going to integrate all this data with my systems management data and vCenter data if I extent to a cloud.  Is the strategy going to be to go to the VI API's for my internal systems and the vCloud API for those in the 'cloud' or have everything eventually funnel through vCenter and pull it from that single source?










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          The VMware implementation of the API has not shipped yet. Each service provider can decide whether they want to provide their own implementation of the API or whether to use the VMware implementation when it comes out. Since the VMware implementation is not out yet, if the vendors you've listed provide the API then they probably wrote their own implementations.


          The current 0.8 draft spec does not include performance related statistics around the operation of VMs such as CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network; these may be added in the future. If you'd like to find out more about integrating your existing virtualized infrastructure into these cloud resources please feel free to reach out and I can provide some more information to you.


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          VP of Engineering, Reflex Systems




          http://blog.reflexsystems.com/2009/08/17/iaas-cloud-drift/ <- This is a blog post that talks about seamlessly moving VM's back and forth between your enterprise and vCloud based service providers.

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