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    Add rdm with command line

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      I would hook a rdmp a VM using the command line.


      As a first step I created via the command rdmp


      vmkfstools -z  /vmfs/devices/disks/vml.123456... /Path/VMname.vmdk


      As a second step I tried with the command


      *_vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/device.diskaddexisting VMI

      But does not return any error and no hooks the new rdmp


      Then I wanted to try using the command vmreconfig.pl, but the only syntax


      _. / vmreconfig.pl - url [https://ESXHOST/sdk/vimService|https://esx_host/sdk/vimService]_ -username USER -password PASSWORD _


      I returned the following error


      Error: Server version unavailable at 'https: / /'

      I also found this script ( Add-Delete-HD-vSphere-annotated.ps1) but I do not know quite how to use it




      Can you kindly help me?

      I do not know what to do.