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    Msg: cannot create partition table for disk...geometry info is valid

    vperris Enthusiast

      We just powered up our SAN and esx 2.5, build 99967 esx servers after a scheduled power outage, and three of the

      luns on one of the storage boxes comes up with messages:


        cannot create partition table for disk vmhba1:0:3 because geometry info is invalid

        could not load partition table.


      The three luns that have this issue are 3, 7, and 15 - all other luns before and after

      these luns show up fine, so this is not a sparse lun support issue. All other luns

      are fine.


      They were fine before the outage, and the shutdown closed out all servers before the

      storage was closed down. Nothing was changed on the switch or storage.


      Any help we can get would be appreciated.